[ivory-search id=”8947″ title=”Custom Search Form”] Can a university publish on its website photos of its decorated building taken by students on the Academic Day? According to the university regulations, students must grant the rights in IP acquired as part of their studies to the university.

No, the university does not have any copyrights and thus also has no right to publish the work (reproduce it and make it available). According to its regulations, it would only have the right to do this if the students’ photos were taken ‘as part of their studies’. This is debatable in the current case. However, based on the purpose, it can be assumed that it only refers to works that are actually created as part of the students’ studies – if the photos taken on the Academic Day were coincidental and taken by chance as part of the students’ leisure activities, they have nothing to do with their studies. The university must obtain the students’ consent before it can publish the photos.

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