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5.2.2-5 May the media library of a music school make complete copies of CDs and DVDs and lend them to its lecturers and students?

No, without the consent of the author or the owner of rights only incomplete copies of CDs and DVDs may be copied for private use for educational purposes (Art. 19 para. 1 (b) in conjunction with Art. 19 para. 3(a) CopA). Excerpts are therefore permitted.

The situation is different in the case of private use in the personal sphere or in a private circle; here, complete copying of CDs and DVDs is permitted (Art. 19 para. 1(a) in conjunction with Art. 19 para. 3(a) CopA).

  • libraries and other institutions accessible to the public may copy works (also completely) to secure and preserve their collections if these copies are not made for financial gain (Art. 24 para. 1bis CopA).
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